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Online Document Verification

Verify the authenticity of a document without leaving your desk. Verify Online can verify that a document is authentic, is not counterfeit and has not been tampered with by using advanced colour-wave technology, pixel analysis and by referencing a propritery document image library containing over 4000 common documents. Simply upload scanned or photographed image of the document using your computer or smartphone and Verify Online will do the rest for you. You will then be able to download a verification certificate confirming the details of the document and result of the verification process.

Online Identity Validation

Identity validation is the process of matching a person with an identity document. This can be achieved by comparing the physical likeness of the individual with the identity document provided in order to confirm that the person providing the ID document is the same person featured on it or by asking the user questions that only they are likely to know the answer to such as questions relating to their credit file or other personal information. Verify Online uses bespoke technology in a “live” environment where the user is required to complete a short video to accompany the upload of their proof of ID document. “KYC” questions can be presented for the user to answer depending on the level of service required.

Secure Cloud Document Storage

Verify Online offers highly secure cloud access for the storage and easy retrieval of important and/or sensitive documents. There are many situations in which a user may be asked by multiple organisations for verified documents or proof of online identity validation so the output results of either check can be uploaded for secure storage to the Verify Online secure Cloud service. The secure storage can also be used to upload other important documents that you may require repeated access to or for instances where you may require a document to be securely archived.

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