If you play a popular online game, keep your wits about you because you could be fair game for fraudsters who take advantage of the fact that this cyber sector is a money mecca ripe for the picking.

When your online gaming account is compromised it is critical that you act fast. If you suspect that all’s not right, don’t wait until it is too late and you can’t get back into your game or, worse still, you can’t even turn on your device.

Change your password

If you can still log into your account, then go to the game’s settings and change your password immediately. Don’t make it one you have used before and even one that has similarities to your old one. This password should be strong, making it difficult for the cybercriminals to infiltrate your device.

Turn on two-factor authentication

Most online gaming account provide this option for the very reason that cyber crooks are lurking on every turn. A lot of us avoid the two-factor authentication because it is a bit of a schlepp, but it is worth getting used to because it will protect you against the fraudsters.

Change all log in details

If you have any online accounts with similar log in details as your gaming account, these need to be changed too. Cybercriminals aim to be one step of the game and will probably be checking other popular sites as soon as they gain access to your gaming portal.

Tell the gaming provider

As soon as you have secured your end, it is crucial for you to let your game provider know that your account has been compromised. Reputable providers will have an evidence gathering procedure in place. This report by you is essential, especially if you need it in a legal case further down the line.

Check your security settings

Once you have altered your password and the two-factor authentication is in place you need to check the gaming account’s security settings. You will have to go into the security settings part of your account. See what devices and applications are connected and if there is any you don’t recognise, then disconnect them. Also, check recent log-in activity and if you are suspicious, then screenshot the info of these unwelcome guests. You should then have the time, date, IP address, browser and device type on an image, which you can send over to the gaming provider.

While on your settings, check your account activity to get a clearer picture of how the cyber thief managed to gain access to your account. Purchase and download history could provide some clues.

Check for malware

There are a number of ways the cyber crook might have gain access to your log in details. They may have taken advantage of a past data breach on the site, have guessed it or seen you type it in. If they have been able to have installed malware on your device, then this will give them access to all your data and you could become a victim of personal identity theft.