Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What documents can I verify?

A. Our unique service references one of the largest libraries of classified documents available worldwide. Referencing over 4000 documents types including Identity documents and proof of address documents.

Q. How does the service work?

A. Verify online use a suite of specialist techniques to verify that your documents are genuine. Simply upload a scanned or photographed copy of your documents using a smart phone, tablet or computer, our system will analyse the documents and then provide a document verification certificate which you can use to show that the your documents are genuine.

Q. What kind of specialist techniques does Verify Online use to certify my documents as being copies of the original?

A. Verify Online are document experts. Our system uses advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave technology and digital image tampering detection combined with an extensive database of over 4000 worldwide document types. When a document is uploaded, it is analysed to detect any evidence of digital tampering and compared against examples of originals in our extensive document library to ensure format compliance. In addition to assessing the legitimacy of the document type and structure, further checks are carried out against the information contained on the document such as to check that the date of birth on an ID document does not pre-date the eligibility criteria of the document itself.

Q. What file types are accepted for uploading documents?


Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. Payment is accepted by Visa and Mastercard

Q. What will I receive after making payment and uploading my documents?

A. You will receive a “Document Verification Certificate” for each verified document. This will contain information relating to the document that has been verified, the result of the check and an image of the document. This can be downloaded as a PDF.